Your Brand Message and Color

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October 15, 2020

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How we utilize color is an important way to convey our brand message. Since we see in color, it’s no surprise we often rely on it to do the heavy lifting, so to speak. Bright and vibrant colors are energizing. Black and white tends to be calming. Subdued, darker tones are seen as professional. Intriguing idea, don’t you think?

Keep It Consistent

While your brand colors will depend on you and your business message, there is one important thing to remember: keep them consistent. Whichever approach to color you adopt, use the same color palette for your logo, business card, website, ads or banners, print marketing materials and presentation graphics. If you feature your photo on your business card, dress in colors that are in harmony with your business colors. Barb Hubbard of Vestigo Coaching does an excellent job with this. Check out this link to see for yourself.

Why This is Important

We have a limited number of opportunities to make an impression. When we meet someone in person, at a networking event perhaps, they see us and hear us talk about our business mission and vision. Other opportunities come through our business cards, our website and our other marketing materials, whether printed or online. Is  everything in harmony or does each touch point seemingly belong to a different businesses?

If you haven’t yet settled on your brand colors, start by considering 4 areas:

  • Love

  • Imagery

  • Energy

  • Feeling

1. Are there colors you absolutely love, colors that make you feel joyful? Start your list with these.

2. Next, explore other imagery such as photos, patterns, abstractions, and illustrations. Which are you drawn to? What colors are featured? Add these to the list.

3. Describe the energy you want to project (such as: humorous, gentle, educated, informational). Do all, or at least some of the colors on your growing list mesh with this energy?

4. Lastly, describe the feeling you want to evoke in your prospects. Again, do all, or some, of the colors on your list mesh with this feeling?

With this narrowed down list you can 1) check your brand colors to see if they are in sync, or 2) begin the brand creation process knowing that this color palette will convey your brand message successfully. Still not sure? Click the link below to request your complementary 30-minute brand colors strategy session.

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