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March 18, 2021

Robin Lybeck Design - The Words Amplified

Amplified is a favorite word of mine because it explains what I do as a graphic designer. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, to “amplify” is to expand, make larger or greater, to increase. That is my purpose and plan, to amplify my client’s message and story.

Let’s take a look at how I accomplish this…using design! I selected Imaginasium Children’s Museum for this case study. We will look at one 2-page spread, within a 24-page brochure.

Robin Lybeck Design - The Words
  • In Step #1, the client provides me with the words, also known as the copy. The words are good, but as provided, they could be about anything and it is hard to immediately tell if you’d be interested in reading them.
Robin Lybeck Design - The Design Elements
  • In Step #2, I assemble the design elements. If my client has established brand colors or fonts, they provide the foundation. If we are starting from scratch, I begin by establishing them. Next the message in the copy guides my search for photos, illustrations or other visual elements. Considering the intended audience refines the selections further. The completed piece needs to be meaningful and appealing to them, compelling them to act.
Robin Lybeck Design - The Words Amplified
  • In Step #3, everything is assembled. I work with my clients to refine each element until it flows seamlessly into the layout and creates a result worthy of celebration! (Here I am celebrating next to the final design. My client celebrated, too. Read her testimonial here.)

The words in Step #1 and Step #3 are the same! However, the visual elements combined with the words convey much more information about Imaginasium than the words alone–they have been AMPLIFIED!

Let me AMPLIFY your project today!