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eBLISS Reseller Solutions


eBLISS Reseller Solutions



eBLISS Reseller Solutions is a new fulfillment service offered to eBayers who sell thrifted and/or one-off items. This project involved the creation of the brand for the business with a logo and business card. Once the branding was established, a test period followed during which they talked with potential clients to verify the scope of services. This research revealed an adjustment was needed. The client took advantage of the 6-12 month review and update window to refine their tag line, changing it from e-commerce business listing, inventory storage and shipping to e-Bay logistics: inventory storage and shipping.

Next came creation of the WordPress® website, social media graphics and online ads.


The vision for the brand is approachable. The idea is to engage resellers who are on the cusp of scaling their business, but hesitant to hire staff and lease warehouse space. eBLISS offers an alternative.

The project involved creating a brand for the business through the logo and business card, then extending that to the website. Simple illustrations were designed to convey the overall value proposition. Photos were used in two ways. First, to help visitors to the site identify with one or more of the problems eBLISS solves, and second, aspirational images to demonstrate the freedom clients will experience when freed from the demands of daily shipping.

The website features a “Client Only” area that is password protected, and the contact form is linked to the eBLISS calendar app so that appointments can be booked directly by visitors.

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  • Branding

Logo Design, Business Card Layout, WordPress Website, Social Media Graphics
  • Visuals

Photo Search, Image Editing, Image Fusion & Illustration
  • Print

Branded Shipping Materials

The Client’s Response

We engaged Robin Lybeck with Double Vision Graphic & Web Design to create a website for our new business. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the result! Not only did she make the process easy for us (which we had no website creation experience at all) she trained us on how to maintain it. I would highly recommend Robin should you need website or graphic design services (as she also designed our logo, too!)

Laurie Bilyeu, eBLISS Reseller Solutions

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