Making a Brand Statement…with Your Business Card?

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November 15, 2020

Robin Lybeck Design - Making a Brand Statement

You’re at a networking event and are making good connections. Your spoken words are impressive! They make a strong brand statement. You’ve created intrigue and a desire to know more about what you do, who you serve and who you are. You’ve been asked for your business card for later follow-up. When you hand it to them, one of three things will happen.

  1. It matches the eloquence of what you just said.
  2. It provides the necessary contact information but could belong to anyone.
  3. It erodes the feeling of connection to you and your business because it is completely disconnected from what you said.

Business Cards Make a Brand Statement

Business cards are at the top of the list when it comes to cost effective ways to promote your business. Consider that they are your first printed marketing piece. When designed by a professional, they are able to make a visual impact and strong brand statement. Here are 3 top strategies to use:

  • Hire a Professional

  • Use Premium Paper

  • Work with a Speciality Printer

#1: Hire a design professional. If you are tempted to design your own card to save money, honestly assess your understanding of color, typography and layout. Weigh the cost of hiring a professional against lost opportunities if your DIY business card doesn’t serve your business in the best possible way.

#2: Print on a premium paper stock, at a standard size. Because of their small size, it doesn’t increase the cost too much to print on a higher grade of paper. And I know from experience, people notice when you hand them a top-of-the-line card! The only exception to this strategy is if you are at an event where hundreds of passerby’s will slip your card into a bag, people who may or may not be your ideal clients. In this instance, have one supply of cards for the masses, and a small supply of your premium cards to give people you talk to.

#3: Use a specialty printer. I use Moo ( because they offer a wide variety of printing enhancements that give your business card a strong brand statement.

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“When I receive a business card, I create an opinion about the company as soon as the card touches my hand. Is it thin and flimsy? Is it thick cardstock? Was it printed? Was it embossed? Is it a traditional business card size? To me, having a quality business card equates to having a successful business.”

–Chris Ake, Grand Apps

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