Fun with Fonts 101

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February 1, 2021

Robin Lybeck Design - Fun With Fonts 101

Did you know that type is a design element and message enhancer? While the words we use—our content—convey the critical details about our business, our unique process or our special offer, our approach to font usage makes a difference in how our words are perceived.

Type as a Design Element

Look at the different options for “Java on the Creek,” a local coffee shop. Can you identify the following:

  • Fun Fonts, Traditional Fonts, Script Fonts, Reversed Fonts

  • Serif, San Serif

  • Kearning Between Letters, Baseline Shift

  • All Caps, Mixed Case

  • Keylines, Drop Shadows

  • Integration with Imagery

Who knew that four little words could be presented in so many different ways! Is there one that appeals to you more than the others? Ask yourself why. What is it about the letter forms of that presentation that draw you in?

As a design professional, I love fonts. They provide endless opportunities to capture your story and express your personality. Working together we find the fonts that are the right blend for you, then carry them throughout your business brand.

Remember, good font choices reveal something about you (bold, upbeat, professional, fun) that your ideal clients will respond to. Learn how to use fonts to lead your readers through your content, making sure your message is understood and they take the action you want. Ready to jump in? Contact me today to take your first look at fonts, or to review what you’ve been doing on your own. You’ll be empowered by the knowledge I’ll share.

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